Welcome to Silver City Rodeo’s home on the web.  A Lancaster-based seven-piece drawing from a deep well of musicians and wide range of varying instruments, Silver City Rodeo is capable of stripping down their sound to meet the needs of any given venue in both arrangement and volume.  From the energy and passion of a full-band set to more intimate performances, their unique instrumentation, including both male and female lead vocalists, results in songs full of both instrumental nuance and complex harmonies.  Simply categorizing Silver City Rodeo as Americana doesn’t do the band justice.  Their diverse sound includes elements of blues, folk, bluegrass, classic country and indie rock.

Silver City Rodeo has steadily increased their presence and fan base in the region since their inception a few short years ago.  Previously selected as a WXPN “Philly local pick of the day,” they have received airplay on many radio stations, and have shared the stage with multi-million-album-selling artists and national acts.  They continue to be featured in an increasing number of print and online publications.

Please check out the rest of the site for a list of upcoming shows, song samples, videos, music recommendations, social media links, booking information, press, promotional requests or to set up an interview.  You can purchase your copy of the band’s current and previous releases today on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, or Bandcamp, or by clicking on the cover art to the left.

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10.14.14 - For those of you that purchased The Spring EP and liked the acoustic stripped down vibe of the recording well good news The Winter EP will be very similar, and if you were missing the full band action well we got good news for you too.  We are partnering with several other bands to release a vinyl 7 inch record..... yes I said record that will have a brand new full band recording.  Stay tuned for more details.

10.07.14 - Who's ready for Halloween?  Rumor has that Chuck is trick-or-treating as a Catholic School girl.  We are well into the process of writing and recording the Winter EP.  We have scratch tracks complete for a new song called "Balcony".  Andy and Neil were working on another new song this past week and this week Kirk and Neil will be working on a new Christmas song.  Yes we are busy ;-)

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